Experience an artisan cooking class at Lilly Valley Inn with Rustic Roots’.

Our cooking classes will provide a unique and interactive experience for individuals passionate about cooking and eager to enhance their culinary skills. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned home chef, our classes are designed to support all levels of expertise.

Chef Liliana shares her passion for cooking and baking with her sister company, Rustic Roots’. Learn from French-trained Chef Liliana. Each class will feature a hands-on learning experience for a different three-course meal. 

The best part! After the class, Indulge in the three-course meal you prepared. 

Class prices range from $55-$125 and will be held twice a month, every other Saturday. 

Cooking classes are currently only available to guests of Lilly Valley Inn.

2024 Summer Cooking Class Schedule

Jun 29, 2024

Jul 13, 2024

Jul 27, 2024

Aug 10, 2024

Aug 24, 2024

Reserve your cooking class by making your reservation at Lilly Valley Inn (note your reservation) or call 540.910.3123.

Join the Cooking Class Fun – Images from June 29, 2024